Street Code Broken 2

The streets always remember

Larry and Deonte are back to pick up where they left off. After being on the run for Tiffany’s murder and stealing money from a notorious crime boss, Larry finds himself coming face-to-face with Deonte and all of the consequences of his past misdeeds.


Surprise 2

What's done in the dark always comes to light

After falsely suspecting his best friend of cheating with his wife and then hiring a hitman to murder him, David Gamble must now scramble to cover his tracks. Wracked with guilt, he finds himself in a desperate race against the inevitable as more questions arise and the consequences of his actions start to close in on him.


Sometimes things go to far...

After a long semester of hard work, a group of college friends decide to celebrate with a trip up north to blow off some steam. What stars off as a fun free-for-all, quickly turns into a fight for their lives once people start disappearing.


Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

Pete Dawson is a devoted husband and father who has devoted his life to teaching God’s word.  After finding himself being pushed to the forefront after experiencing tremendous growth in his ministry during COVID, he reluctantly agrees to open his own church.  In the midst of walking in his new calling, he comes to find out that his wife and his best friend have committed an unforgivable act.



Convinced his wife is cheating on him with his best friend, a husband goes off the deep end into a conspiracy, only to find himself unprepared for what comes next.

Sons of a Preacher

Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

The concept of being thy brother’s keeper is severely tested when two brothers who grew up as preacher’s kids find themselves pursuing two very different paths in life.  Elijah’s determination to carry on their father’s devotion to the church hinges on the fringe of life and death as he tries to quell his brother David’s lust for blood.

Come Back Home

no matter how far you go, there's no place like home.

A modern-day take on the Prodigal Son, Jason decides that living life under his grandparents’ roof with all the rules that come along with it is no longer the life for him. Determined to make his way in the world, he takes his inheritance and sets out to discover everything he thinks he’s missing out on. The only problem is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

street code broken

Unwritten rules out here, you better stick to 'em.
Two lifelong friends come to crossroads when one decides that street life isn’t what he wants. Loyalty is tested when the unwritten rules of the street are broken.

dear future husband

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

All Nichole Johnson has ever wanted was her happily ever after. Sometimes on the road to happily ever after you end up with scars. Can Nichole get up and dust herself off to love again?

Turn of the Cheek

A story of forgiveness that you will never forget

After more than a decade, author Janaya Black returns with her most riveting tale yet. In Turn of the Cheek, the concept of forgiveness becomes an unimaginable concept for one family as they face being torn between facing their son’s murderer and being compelled to help an innocent child whose life is caught in the balance.

Watch now on Amazon Prime. Book available now on Amazon and Smashwords

bigger than the game

Based on a true story

Life imitates game time when it comes to the basketball court, and as head coach of the Michigan Warriors AAU basketball team, Dylan Baxter, finds himself at a perpetual cross-roads as he strives to take his team to the national championship.

Warrior Pride gives a birds-eye view of the ups and downs in the world of AAU basketball.

I Am My Sister's Keeper

If God is our Father, then you are my sister

What would you do if the person who hurt you needed your help? Would you turn away, or would you answer the call?

The women of Faith Christian Assembly have always endeavored to walk in the love of Christ and fellowship, until a blast from the past blows back into their midst and threatens to destroy their peaceful assembly.


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