turn of the cheek

The concept of forgiveness becomes an unimaginable concept for one family as they face being torn between facing their son’s murderer and being compelled to help an innocent child whose life is caught in the balance.

Turn of the Cheek explores the lives of two families, from two different walks of life, brought together by tragedy, who are forced to deal with God’s providence in a way that will change all of their lives forever.

the breaking point

“Hell hath no fury like a broken woman”-  Vanessa Jackson is a reporter on assignment at the Wayne County Women’s Correctional Facility.  Her assignment is to interview Marion Hayes, who was convicted to a life sentence for murdering her husband.  At first Vanessa is a little put off about having to do the seemingly mundane interview in the first place, until she researches the case in depth and finds that there is more to the woman’s story than meets the eye.

What kind of woman murders her husband?  Almost immediately upon meeting Marion, Vanessa becomes intrigued with the beautiful woman that is presented to her.  She becomes mystified to understand how this woman, who exudes such strength and poise, could be capable of murder.  No sooner is this question formed in her mind then the tape recorder starts rolling and she is taken deep into the grim existence of a woman who has known nothing but loss, abuse, and heartache all of her life.

            You will become enthralled in the story of a woman who has become the prisoner of her mind and emotions and has no other outlet than to tell her story to a complete stranger to expunge her demons.  You will feel the heartache of her tremendous loss, the suspense of her trials and tribulations, and the shock of the incident that finally drives her to the point of violence.

as told by the other woman

Vanessa Jackson is on the job again for the Women’s Lib Magazine at the Wayne County Women’s Correctional Facility.  After releasing the tragic story of Marion Hayes, Vanessa has made it her life’s mission to be a voice for emotionally troubled women sentenced to long prison terms.  Her second assignment is to interview Timberlyn Crawford, a woman sentenced to life for cold-blooded murder.

What would drive a young girl to commit such a heinous crime?  Lust and lies are the underlying forces that drove this seemingly harmless girl to do the unthinkable. 

Travel with Vanessa into the tormented world of a mind that is haunted by ghosts of a troubled past.  Find out what evil lies in the heart of a scorned woman that has nowhere to turn, except the ready ears of a stranger, who she hopes will help the world understand her need to tell it all.

Delve in to the story, as it is told by the other woman.

Beautiful rage: the break of dawn

Revenge is a dish best served cold…

Vanessa Jackson has become “the voice” of the women trapped inside the confines of the Wayne County Women’s Correctional Facility.  As she continues her crusade to tell the stories of the lost and forgotten souls that inhabit the prison walls, she begins to fall deeper into their world of pain, loss, and sorrow.

This time Vanessa has been assigned to interview Dawn Langston, a woman turned vigilante after the brutal kidnap and murder of her sister.  The violently cold-blooded and savage nature of the crime leads Vanessa to question her ability to execute her assignment successfully without losing herself completely.

Go with Vanessa as she continues her downward spiral into the mind of a woman who flawlessly executed the kidnapping, torture, and murder of the man that changed her life forever.